5 Signs It’s Time For a Website Redesign

5 Signs it's time for a website redesign.

If your website has any of the symptoms below, then it’s probably a sign that your website needs to be redesigned.  So what are the 5 signs that your site needs a redo? Your Website Looks “Dated” Your website looks clunky, old, outdated, has animated gifs, or  Comic Sans as a font –  then it’s…

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7 Questions To Ask Your Web Designer Before Hiring Them

If you own your own business, you are probably used to doing everything yourself: making large and small decisions for your business on a daily basis. The last thing you may want to do is rely on someone else to handle your website and online assets. However, there are important questions that you should be…

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How Much Does a Website Cost

How much should a website cost?

A Website Is One Of The Most Important Assets In Your Marketing Toolbox Answering the question – how much does a website cost is difficult to answer because there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of a website design and development. It’s impossible to lay out a specific price without having knowledge…

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