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Elizabeth Hanawalt is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator who helps individuals with diabetes manage their health and wellness by offering lifestyle and nutrition support. Elizabeth needed a new website to improve her online presence and attract potential clients.

As a highly skilled dietitian, Elizabeth wanted her website to reflect her expertise and provide valuable resources and information to people visiting her website. To accomplish this, we recommended using WordPress because of it's flexibility and it would allow our client to update and manage the content herself if she wanted to.

We designed a modern and responsive website and incorporated visually engaging elements to captivate visitors and showcase her services. We also integrated a blog section to publish articles, recipes, and tips. We helped Elizabeth develop her YouTube channel and incorporated her YouTube videos into her blog posts, which helps with search engine optimization.

Our client now has a platform in which she can use to promote her services, share her expertise, and grow her business. Her website shows her professionalism and gives her credibility when potential clients search for her online. This contributes to the overall success of her business in the digital space.

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