How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business In 2019

How to use social media to grow your business.

In case you haven’t noticed, social media has completely changed the internet and the world of marketing. Below are ways to use social media to grow your business in 2019.

Choose 1 or 2 Platforms & Use Them Well

Everyone is on Facebook, however, there are other social media platforms to consider depending on what type of business you have. Don’t forget about Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram! By determining who your customers are and by identifying your target audience demographics, you can decide which social media platforms to promote yourself from.

You need to get to know your current and past customers in order to figure out where they are hanging out and what content they respond to.  A great tool to use for this is Facebook's Business Manager - you can actually upload a CSV file of your existing customers or your email list into Facebook's Business Manager (if you have it) and take a look at your audience insights to learn more about them.  You can sign up for Facebook Business Manager at this link, just create an account.

You can grab the attention of your audience on social media by creating content that solves their pain point, using hashtags, & using social media tagging to mention people and brands within your content.

Use Tracking Code On Your Website

When you are building your business up on each social media platform it’s important to track your engagement by grabbing the tracking code from each platform and placing it on your website. Adding code to your website allows you to show targeted remarketing ads to people who have visited your website in the past.

For example, let's say you are browsing online for some unique pet accessories.  Then later you scroll through your Facebook feed and see an ad by one of the websites that you just visited with some cute puppy outfits.  You might see an ad right away, the next day or continuously over time.  The advertiser (the website with the pet accessories) can control which ads get shown to whom and for how long.  Adding Facebook's tracking code (also called a "pixel") allows for this targeted remarketing and you can implement this on your own website.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing you step by step how to set up ad campaigns.  Need help, contact us!

Maintain Brand Consistency

Make sure that your branding on social media matches your branding in general. You want to remain consistent online in regards to your voice, content, colors, logo, and fonts as well as all of your marketing materials, like your business cards, postcards, letterhead, and flyers.

Developing consistency builds trust and helps people have confidence in your business.  Trust comes from the repetition of doing something really well.

How can you make it easy to maintain brand consistency?  Keep your logo handy at all times when you are working on marketing material by saving the file to your desktop. You can also download your brand's fonts to your computer.

Make Your Posts Engaging

Make your captions engaging and interactive, share knowledge, and contribute to the conversation. Take advantage of Instagram and Facebook stories as a way to keep yourself top of mind. It’s important to be transparent and authentic - share amazing moments and not so great moments.

Engaging posts attract more interaction which attracts more customers. Social media captions that have the most engagement are helpful and informative and encourage communication.

Another tip to getting more engagement on your posts - start storytelling on social media. Create a story to go with your photo - a beginning, middle, and end. It's easy to throw up a photo with a nice filter and some hashtags, but if you take a few minutes to explain the who, what, why of a photo, your post will have more reach.