Automated Social Media Marketing Software

Automated social media marketing software/
There are social media scheduling tools online that can automate some of your social media posting.  This is especially useful for business owners who think they don't have enough time to create and share on social media. These tools actually save you time and will make life easier.

If you manage a business and are also trying to manage your social media, you may have realized how much work goes into creating content and posting to your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. However, to accomplish more in less time, it’s so important to work smarter, not harder.

Working to grow your brand and increase visibility takes a lot of work, yet it’s necessary to be active online in order to spread brand awareness and connect with your audience. You don't need to work day and night to keep up with everyone else. There are tools to automate your marketing. You can be productive while taking care of the day to day responsibilities of your business and still get the visibility that you need by working smart.

Work Smarter By Using Automated Social Media Marketing Software

Schedule Your Posts
When you scroll through you Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter feeds, it sometimes can feel like the person posting is sitting right there at the computer. There is no need to be tied down to your computer to keep up. There are many popular and reliable social media scheduling tools that can automate your posting for you.

Two of my favorite tools are Hootsuite & Buffer, which allows you to upload your content - (status updates, photos, videos, & links) and then schedule your posts. You can sit down and schedule out your posts for a week or even a month at a time so that you don’t have to worry about posting every day. .

See the Hootsuite dashboard below:
Hootsuite dashboard

You can always add additional posts on the fly as things happen that are share-worthy. It’s important to also be actively engaging, building relationships, and staying involved with your audience. You can do this by asking questions, running polls, answering questions, and joining the conversation throughout the month on all your social media platforms as your automated posts are running in the background.

Another tip when scheduling posts - don't just share links to other articles, but add your own commentary as well. Tell your audience what you think about what you are sharing and add your own thoughts.

Reaching Your Audience
There are a lot of platforms to be visible for social media - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus - how can you manage all of it? This is where IFTTT comes in - it stands for If This Then That.  IFTT is a free web based software that allows you to get all your apps and devices talking to each other. For example, IFTTT can automate different tasks, like:

  • Taking your Instagram photo and adding it to your Twitter feed as an image rather than a link
  • Syncing your new Instagram photos to a Pinterest Board
  • Syncing Twitter posts To Linkedin
  • Sharing new business articles about your industry to LinkedIn based on a keyword, company, influencer, industry or trend.

This tool goes beyond social media, but works well with social media communication because it’s so much easier to post in one place and let automation do it’s thing.

We are a very visual society. You don’t need a background in graphic design in order to create visually interesting images to go with your posts. There are online tools that are free that can help you create appealing graphs and editorial graphics to promote your next webinar or blog post. Two of my favorites are Pic Monkey & Canva. Canva comes with many free graphics, all you need to do is change the wording on their pre-made templates.

Another of my favorites is is Pictochart, a tool for creating infographics, charts, flyers and presentations which allows you to modify colors, shapes, tittles and legends with absolutely no design experience.

These tools offer a great way to brand yourself by using your brand colors, adding your logo and choosing your brand fonts.

By adding automated social media marketing software into your toolset, you will save time while staying visible on social media.